Our Dogs

I got my first Chihuahua in 1981, he was a beautiful long haired full bred. In those days there were about 400 registered Chihuahua’s in The Netherlands.
His full name was: Benjamin van de Koedood. A brave little dog, thinking he was big, a real macho dog, afraid of nothing, he even ran after horses! He died at the respectable age of 17 years old.

We did miss Benjamin a lot and we loved this dog breed, so we did decide to search for another male Chihuahua pup. In 1998 Chicco an 8-week old pup came to live with us. He too was a long haired Chihuahua. His full name was Chicco van het Westkamphofje. He was not as brave as Benjamin, more a little dreamer. When he went out for a walk, he would not even see a cat sitting near him, or birds…Unfortunately, Chicco did develop a heart disease when he was about 6 years old and lost his energy. In 2007 there was nothing that could help to make his life easier, he did not respond to medicines anymore. We decided to let him sleep forever, a difficult decision, but the best thing to do. Chicco died at the age of 9 Yrs old.

The house was so empty without a dog…we found a kennel with available pups, the Chihuahua we fell in love with was born on the exact same date our Chicco died. In September 2007 our Tricolor Chihuahua Quincy Onix van Crosita came to live with us. A sweet dog, he loves to play with us, and for a Chihuahua, he is very obedient and easy to train.

After a year or so, we thought it would be great to have two Chihuahua’s, a “little brother” for Quincy to play with and one more to cuddle and play for us too! We wanted a pup from the same kennel again and there we met our Nino Delgado DiSera van Crosita. Born in March 2009. We took Quincy with us when we went for a visit and Quincy seemed to recognize his birth home. When Nino was 8 weeks old, we could take him home. Quincy & Nino are best friends, share their toys, run around the house, share a dog bed and yes us too, without being jealous, when one of them is sitting in our lap that’s OK.