Fun Tug-of-War Style Dog Toy!

The Tuggo Ball is a new one-of-a-kind Dog Toy, a hollow hard plastic ball with a braided rope going through the middle, perfect to play Tug-of-war with you, or even alone! But that is not all!
Simply unscrew the cover concealing this toy’s opening and fill it with water until it weighs right for your pooch. Adding water inside the ball makes the Tuggo have a sloshing sound when it is being played with, it will keep your dog interested in the toy. The ball is a great toy for any size dog. You can adjust the weight by adding water, from 1 to 20 pounds!¬†The braided rope can scrape away plaque and tartar while your dog plays to help keep his teeth and gums healthy.

The Tuggo Ball is available in two sizes with a diameter of 10 inches for large dogs or 7 inches for a smaller dog. Over time, your pet’s beloved Tuggo may suffer from a frayed or damaged braided rope. Dogs love to chew on braided ropes; and though they can help support dental health, chewing and tugging may also cause the ropes to fray or even break. Replacement ropes sold separately.

This Water-Weighted Dog Toy makes the perfect Outdoor Tug Toy for Dogs that love to pull and play more than their owners ūüôā

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Photo by Shelly Prevost