Talking Babble Ball: Our Chihuahua’s Favorite Toy.

The Talking Babble Ball from Pet Qwerks Inc. is one of the toys our Chihuahua’s love to play with. Even the smallest size is too big to pick up, but wrapped in an old sock they drag it around. There are 2 versions of the Ball, a Talking Babble Ball and a ball with Animal Sounds.

Our Chihuahua pup was about 12 weeks old when We bought the Animal Sound Ball for him. He was a bit scared at first, the ball is a little loud. But curiosity began to grow. He did respond enthusiastically to domestic animal sounds, but when he heard the sound of a lion or elephant he did try to get away from it. A bit older he was brave enough to play with the ball on his own. The babble ball is a fun toy for all dogs big or small. The ball is very tough and durable, we bought it 2 years ago and it still works. The batteries can be replaced.

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