Dutch Yorkshire Terrier the oldest dog in the world.

The oldest dog in the world lives in the Netherlands!
Her name is Lucy a Yorkshire Terrier, with the respectable age of 22 years old.
Lucy lives in a small town named Borne in the province of Overijssel.

On average, the life expectancy of large dogs is around ten years and small dogs 14 years, although this may vary by breed. So Lucy is a very old dog!

Guinness World Records has officially named Lucy the oldest living dog in the world. The elderly dog and her owner Mrs. Baker-Brusscher go out for a long walk every day and they enjoy it.

Yorkshire Terrier Lucy 22 yr old.

(credit: Guinness World Records 2011)

Mrs. Baker-Brusscher recently received the official certificate of Guinness World Records and the first copy of the 21st edition of the Guinness World Records book.









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