Using a Kong to feed your dog instead of a dog bowl.

Both our Chihuahuas like to eat their kibble out of a Kong toy instead of a regular dog bowl.

Quincy was still a pup when we gave him a small puppy Kong to play with, after all, you cannot play with your dog all day long. It is important that your puppy gets used to spending time alone and learns to play by himself. It was fun to see Quincy trying to figure out how he could get his kibble out the Kong.
After a while, he did not want to eat out of his bowl anymore.

When we got pup Nino we noticed he did not chew his kibble, he just swallowed it and then would try to eat Quincy’s kibble too. Since Nino gets his kibble in his own Kong toy he takes the time to chew. After both Quincy and Nino are finished eating they go check out each other’s Kongs to see if there is anything left.

If your dog eats too fast it might be a good idea to use a Kong. This way your dog needs more effort for his food than when eating from a regular dog bowl.

There are also slow feeder bowls designed to slow rapid eating.