Did you know: Playing tug pulling with your dog

Dogs playing tug of warMost dogs no matter the type of breed or the age like to play rope pulling games. But when you have a young pup you should wait to play pull games, because the jaw bones and teeth are not yet completely developed. The pulling game can cause irreparable damage to your dog’s teeth. Be careful when playing with a rope tug even if you don’t really pull, because loose teeth can get caught and you might accidentally pull the teeth out. After teething, you should wait at least until your dog is one year old before you learn him to play pull games, but be careful. Dog teeth are not fully developed before the dog is 2 years old. If your pup chews on a rope toy be sure to inspect if the toy is unraveling, your pup might ingest the strings of rope which can cause an intestinal blockage. To be safe examine all dog toys regularly to see if they are not damaged.

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