Learn your puppy not to chew on everything.

Puppy’s often explore their surroundings by chewing on objects, similar
to babies putting things in their mouths to explore their world.
Another reason can be your pup starts teething, or  You need to learn your pup he can’t chew on
your belongings, that is your responsibility. Unlike little children your dog will
not stop with his chewing habit when he gets older. With this chewing behavior
much damage can be done, including your dog’s health.

Before you take your pup home, be sure you have a puppy safe home, tie up loose electrical cords, make sure you little pup cannot crawl under furniture, put small things away. It is not different than you would do for a toddler.

Give your puppy some suitable toys and an inedible puppy chew bone, with some patience he will learn he can only chew on his own toys. Never give your pup an old slipper, he cannot understand the difference between the old one and your slippers. Remember your pup learns best when you praise his good behavior. When you see him play with his toy say “good dog”. When you see your puppy chew on something he isn’t supposed to chew on, distract him with the command “Sit”, praise the pup when he does respond positively and give him a chew toy of his own.

For an older pup:

Another way to solve the chewing problem can be the magical punishment.
A mysterious unexpected punishment can be effective. For instance, a little cloth bag
filled with beans that you throw unnoticed near the pup when he misbehaves will
often help. Why? The dog did not see it was you throwing the beans, but it happened immediately when he did something wrong. This will only be effective when you respond the moment you see your dog do something wrong, your dog will connect cause and consequence. An other magical punishment can be the use of a water pistol or making a loud noise with a can filled with small pebbles.

Which method works best for you depends on your dog and how fast he learns your rules.

Most important, be patient and don’t yell at your puppy, always stay positive.

Photo by jonkriz