Teach your dog not to beg for food or snacks.

Blue Dog Begging Can you ignore your dog tapping his paw on your leg, staring at you begging for attention? Can you resist those doleful eyes begging for food? It is important you teach your dog from the very beginning that begging isn’t allowed.

Your dog is smarter than you think, he/she knows how to play with your emotions and once you give in the problem starts. The begging of your dog may seem cute at first, but after a while, you will see this begging become a real problem. When your dog has learned this begging for attention or food works and the reward is a snack, he/she will keep on trying to get something, not only from the dinner table but also when you have visitors!

When you raise a puppy you best learn your pup begging for food is not allowed.  First step is All family members should follow the rule; human food is not for dogs.  Telling your visitors not to share food or cookies with your dog should not be a problem, maybe they like to give your pet a little dog treat when they come in, but that should be enough.

We did learn our Chihuahua pups to stay away from the dinner table. They never get any table scraps and only eat dog food. Not only begging for food is annoying, human food can be dangerous too, too much salt or sugar is not good and there is a risk to get an obese pet by giving table scraps. Overweight can cause many health problems for your dog and it can shorten his life.

Our Chihuahuas get their food about half an hour before we eat. After they finished eating, they go out for a little walk to do their business, play a bit and when it is time for us to eat, they take a nap.  They don’t even bother to see if they can get some of our food.

When your dog already has a begging habit, it will take some time to change it.  When he/she starts to whine or bark to get your attention and try to persuade you to share your food,  say “No” with a low voice and let him stay on his dog bed. If this does not work after trying it a few times, bring your pet to another room until you have finished eating. Remember it will take time to break this habit of begging for your food. When you have a dominant dog, always trying to get up higher in rank, you best feed him after you had your dinner, this will teach him his rank in the family.

Photo by carterse