Dogs designed by the famous German brand Steiff - Entirely Hand-made.

Steiff® is the world's oldest and best known European designer of lifelike animal toys. Steiff® has partnered with the AKC to replicate America's favorite canine companions. Each Steiff® dog is a showcase of the company's legendary craftsmanship. Designed to AKC specifications, these plush toys illustrate each breed's unique characteristics.

Founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff the company produced its very first Steiff animal: an elephant made of felt which was supposed to be used as a pin-cushion. Being the very first soft stuffed animal, kids loved it, the rest of the story is history. Today, more than 8,500 different Steiff articles are available and every single one can be tracked back by the clever Steiff identification markings such as the famous button, labels and chest tags.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of her death, this short-form documentary showcases the gifted imagination and fierce determination of this extraordinary woman and the history of the company she founded.