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Tug Ropes - the perfect toy for many games of fetch or tug-of-war.

Tug Ropes are 100% Cotton, which satisfies your pet's natural urge to chew and also provides essential oral hygiene care for your pet. The cotton fiber helps floss your dog's teeth, remove tartar and massage gums. Tug Rope are machine washable and long lasting. A great toy that your dog must have!

Play with your Dog.

For most dogs, play comes naturally, while for others, play is something they need to be taught. Play helps dogs learn to interact properly with other dogs and people. It helps sharpen their social skills and provides excellent physical and mental stimulation. In addition to being just plain FUN, play is a great way to help build a solid relationship between you and your dog and can be a great training tool.

Play With Your Dog will show you How play can help you build a loving and long-lasting relationship with your dog. The role of play in helping puppies avoid problems like fear and biting How to use play to re-socialize adult dogs. What to look for in dog play. Is it aggression or just having fun? Bonus! Dozens of games you can play with your dog and the benefits of each.