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Treating your house for Fleas.

If you notice your dog has fleas at an early stage, treating your pet alone may be sufficient. However, it only takes a day for a female flea to mate and lay 40 to 50 eggs. These eggs will fall off your pet and soon spread in your home and yard.

That is why it is important to treat your home at least once thoroughly. Rugs, carpeting, furniture cushions and bedding are hotspots for fleas. Foggers, sprays and carpet powders are a quick and easy indoor solution for fleas.

- Use Powders and Sprays for furniture, floors and bedding.
- Aerosols & Foggers can be used for hard-to-reach areas and save labor by providing broad coverage in each room in which they are used.
- Yard Control Sprays help eliminate fleas and ticks from your lawn and garden and help prevent their spread to the indoors.

Pet Flea Protection.

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