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These dog theme fun wall clocks, will brighten up any room and anyone's life!

These whimsical pieces of art you'll love on the wall, they also are a great gift to make any dog lover 'bark with excitement'. The pendulum dog clocks by Allen Designs make a fun and functional accent in a child's room too! The clocks require just 1 AA battery.

The cute little pup's eyes from Alexander Taron, Inc., move back and forth with the sway of the heart-shaped pendulum. German craftsmanship is evident in the awesome detail of the image. With three C batteries (not included), you can keep the puppy love moving all day long.

The Dog Pendulum Wall Clock by Modern Moose is made of Baltic birch plywood. The clock is printed with non-toxic water-based inks and requires 1 AA battery ( not included )

The Linda PickenDog Breed Cuckoo Clocks, are limited editions available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. The precise quartz movement and swinging brass-toned pendulum, flanked by decorative pine cone weights, keep time ticking right along and make sure you always know when it's time to sit, stay or go. But, perhaps the best feature of all is the hourly entertainment provided by a well-trained dog "cuckoo" who emerges from behind the shuttered doors on the hour with a cheerful bark!

The River City Clocks ( Since 1988 ) are hand-carved by master craftsmen from the Black Forest in Germany. With All brass mechanical movement