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Dog Breed Guides to help you find your loyal friend.

When you are thinking of getting a purebred dog or a mix, you should take the time to do some research into dog breeds. Choosing the right dog for your lifestyle and family is a major decision, if done right you will have a great companion for many years. When you already are a loving dog owner, you should learn about your dogs breed specific behavior as much as possible, then you can be sure you will have a happy and healthy best friend.

Dog Breed Encyclopedia's: Which Breed is best for your Lifestyle?

    If you already know which dog breed you like, it is time to learn more about the breed, is this dog a good match for your own personality and/or family life? If you have young children, you need to know if the breed you like is family friendly. When you live in a small apartment a big dog is not a good idea, while living in an urban environment with a dog that needs a lot of activity is not such a good choice, unless there is a dog park nearby. What are you looking for in a dog a loyal companion, a cuddly friend, a sporty dog? Also know a long coat is high maintenance!

    Some child friendly dog breeds are:

  • Collies, they love to make their humans happy and are easy to train.

  • The Golden Retriever is a very patient dog, which is good if you have young children.

  • Another popular & amp; great family dog is a Labrador Retriever also easy to train, they are good with other pets and friendly to people.

  • A Newfoundland, they love children, but it is a very large dog, he needs space!

  • Looking for a small friendly dog? Then there is:

  • The Pug, known as the clowns under the dogs, friendly, playful and will be perfectly happy living in a small apartment.

  • The Bichon Frise is a cheerful, friendly, easy to train dog, but you need to have time for grooming!

  • A Maltipoo is a cross of the Maltese and Poodle, an active dog with an affectionate nature. Needs regular grooming, and needs regular playtime to stay a happy little dog.

  • Of course there are many more fantastic breeds, it is your adventure to find one that is perfect for you! Why not visit a local shelter, consider to adopt a rescue dog to give him/her a good home and a happy life!

Men's Best Friend.

This book is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to taking care of your pug. It will present specific pug training techniques that will help you keep your pug healthy and in good shape.

The Jack Russell is a wonderful breed that is fun to have in your life but it is important to make sure you know how to take care of your dog so you can provide it with a long and happy life in a caring environment.

From the award-winning author Peg Kehret comes a collection of true stories about the amazing lives of eight shelter dogs. Many of these dogs were unwanted because of their size, behavior, or medical condition. All of the dogs found owners who loved and cared for them and ultimately helped change their lives in tremendous ways. The dogs have changed the owners' lives, too.