Information about Pet Food.

by Dr. Larry Siegler

Your Companion's Diet

puppyNutrition is the foundation of good health for people and the same is true for our animal companions. Diet is the most important component of your pet's health care. The best diet for your dog or cat is not dissimilar to the best diet for you - it consists of a variety of whole foods, and when necessary, enhanced with vitamins and minerals, enzymes and supplements to promote optimal health, prevent disease or to address health issues.

Our animal companions are natural hunters and carnivores; just look at their ancestry. The dog at your feet (or on your sofa) has evolved from the wolf, and its digestive system is virtually the same despite thousands of years of domestication. They have very short intestial tracts geared to the consumption and digestion of raw foods. The cat on your lap is a true or "obligate" carnivore (meat only diet) and is specially designed by nature to hunt small rodents and birds. Her digestive tract, as well, is intended to assimilate raw meat best.

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