Information Curious about Canned Dog Food?

Spaniel in the fieldCanned food is a good option for those needing the convenience of processed foods, but are trying to eliminate grains.

Canned food is a great way to supplement kibble for added variety and nutrition. It can also be used to increase the appeal of healthier diets and raw foods for those animals that are "addicted" to their dry kibble and are having a hard time accepting real food. Many kibbles and regular canned foods have flavor enhancers, sweeteners and sodium in them that dogs and cats become accustomed to, causing them to reject real food or healthier canned varieties. Give your companion plenty of time and repeat exposures to healthier foods and they will usually make the transition.

Use as much variety in your companion's canned food diet as they will accept. Sometimes crushing or sprinkling their favorite treat over the food can help lure them in for a taste, and they will then eat the food.