These beautiful made statuaries will adorn any indoor or outdoor environment.

These beautiful hand made statuaries will adorn any indoor or outdoor environment and is perfect for the garden or landscaping. They bring the spirit of adventure to your garden.

Campania International,Inc: Since it was founded in 1983, Campania has been a premier designer, manufacturer and distributor of fine garden accents to independent garden centers. Each member of Campania’s design team is characterized by an abiding passion for their craft and the creative process. It is this passion that continues to invigorate Campania’s reputation for design excellence and innovation.

In 1911, Egisto Orlandi traveled from Lucca, Italy to Chicago, Illinois where he founded Orlandi Statuary. The Orlandi Statues have a distressed finish, it provides a look of aged character to any painted or stained surface. In order to achieve this appearance of natural wear, a craftsman will often use a hand finishing process, that may involve sanding through paint, scoring the wood finish, and treating metal surfaces to create a patina similar to the type that comes with a century in the weather. These processes leave the surface of the product with an antique look and feel where each piece is unique.

At Design Toscano, they pride themselves on attention to detail by traveling directly to the source for all historical replicas. Over 90% of their products are exclusive to the Design Toscano brand, allowing them to present unique decorative items unavailable elsewhere.

Amedeo Design, LLC is a US company featuring pots, planters, urns, and statuary 'Hand Made to Order' by highly skilled artisans versed in ResinStone™ a very special and unique material created to last the tests of time. Amadeo Design ResinStone™ is a 40 year old proprietary blend of marble powder and high performance resin with fiberglass reinforcement to create a 'Light Weight – Lifetime Purchase.' An amazing stone-like appearance and all-weather capacity (120° to – 20°)




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