Rubber Tugs - Doggie Playtime!

For dogs toys are a necessity, it will not only help fight boredom when home alone, but having play time with your dog also enhances the bond between you and your furry friend. If a toy is safe to play with depends upon the size and age of your dog and his preferences. Most dogs love squeaky toys, but never let them unsupervised, your dog might want to find the source of the sound and destroy the toy. The most loved toys are chew toys, rubber toys, ropes, tug toys and balls. When you dog is not a heavy chewer a stuffed toy will be welcome too. But if your dog can choose? Playing together with you is favorite!

Below you can watch some good advice from a veterinarian about choosing suitable dog toys...


Book Cover Beyond Squeaky Toys


Beyond Squeaky Toys is for the pet owner who wants to live in harmony with their pet and is in search for options that do not take a lot of time, skill, in-depth understanding of advanced science and techniques, is inexpensive and most importantly WORKS! The ideas in this book can instantly be implemented and produce immediate, positive behavior changes. Best of all, the reader will become more familiar with their pet’s natural history and breed-specific behaviors to develop creative enrichment options of their own to help direct their pet’s behavior into more appropriate outlets and build a stronger pet/owner bond.