Kyjen Water Bottle Buddies - your dog will love them.

5 little puppiesAfter observing the extended length of time that dogs spend chewing on empty water bottles, Bottle Buddies is a safer chew toy, which maintains the attractive crackling and crunching sound. Just insert the cosmetic H2O or soft drink bottle into the plush bombard as well as the fun begins. Your dog will go nuts for the crackling receptive to advice as well as he'll fool around for hours, tossing, nipping as well as chasing! This is the fun approach to recycle a little of those used cosmetic bottles! A velcro closure makes replacing used water bottles fast and easy, ultimately extending the life of the toy.

Product Features: Uses recycled H2O bottles, Great wrinkle noise, Cute as well as soft, Eco-friendly. Caution: Designed for supervised play only. Not designed for aggressive chewers. If toy becomes ripped or damaged, discard immediately. Remove all tags and stickers before play.


Your new Puppy will chew on everything, and not only when he is teething. Your pup needs to learn he cannot chew on shoes, furniture, the carpet or anything else that does not belong to him. When you see your puppy chew on something he isn’t supposed to chew on, distract him and offer him one of his own chew toys. On our blog, you can find some tips to solve a chewing problem.

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