Give your dog his own Toy Box!

Keep all those ropes, balls, and chew toys in one handy place.

With patience you can learn your dog pick up his own toys and place them in his own toy box at the end of the day. Although we did not learn our Chihuahuas to clean up, they do have a special place where they can find all of their toys. It is cute to see how they are going through the toys looking for their favorite toy to play with. The youngest sometimes hesitant when he sees the 'Babble Ball' next to his favorite toy, as it starts to 'talk' and makes noises when touched. He is not afraid of it, but the sound comes unexpected. They have both versions of the ball, one is with all kind of animal sounds and the other talks funny wisecracks. The ball can be loud for puppies, to solve this we wrapped them in an old sock, they can drag it around this way too, even the smallest ball is too big for them to pick up.

Are you interested in training your dog to put his toys away, below is a nice video on how to do that: