Kong dog toys are very high quality! Almost indestructible.


The first Kong dog toy was introduced in 1976, the 'Kong Classic' and it is still a favorite of many dogs. Kong founder Joe Markham invented the Kong after he noticed his dog damaged his teeth by chewing on rocks. He found that his dog named Fritz enjoyed chewing on a hard rubber Volkswagen Bus suspension device. The bounce and toughness of the rubber inspired Joe Markham to make the rubber toy. Since then the Kong toys are made of pet-safe, built-to-chew rubber. There are suitable Kong toys for all sizes of dogs and of any age. A Kong Puppy for instance, will help your little dog through his teething phase and there are also lovely plush snuggle friends for your puppy to make him feel safe. Your puppy will love to play with a Puppy Wubba, a squeaky toy, perfect to learn fetch and tug games. When grown up Kong has toys for normal and heavy chewers and a rubber Kong for senior dogs. Over the years, more and more toys were introduced. There will always be something your dog will like.
Our Chihuahua's like to eat their kibble out of a classic kong instead of a bowl.


Another toy they like is the KONG BraidZ to play the game of retrieving, it has a squeaker in it which adds to the excitement.