Play Tug of War with your dog.

dog tug

When playing Tug of War by the rules tug games are acceptable and will not make a dog aggressive. It is important that You are making the rules, Not the dog. The Tug is yours, You decide when to play the game and when it has been enough. Played by the rules Tug of War can be a great exercise for your dog. When your dog has a dominant nature, always trying to get higher in rank, you need to be careful with playing Tug of War.

Choose the right toy for this game, don't use socks, your dog will not understand why he cannot take the socks you are wearing. No rope toys with frayed ends, which can become lodged in the dog's teeth or get swallowed. Always use the same toy and put it away when the game is over.

Before you can play this game you need to learn your dog some commands. Always start the game with the same command such as "Wanna tug?" or "Lets Tug". You can teach your dog to give up the toy by the command "Drop" or "Give". Tug a few times and then give the command to drop. Offer your dog a treat in exchange. Do it over and over again until your dog understands and has learned he will get the toy back. Don't forget to praise the dog every time he obeys your command.

When the dog will not obey the command, walk away, never chase your dog to get the toy back. Anytime your dog grabs the tug without your permission don't start the game. If the dog gets agitated or is playing too rough, give the command "Drop" and take the tug away to end the game.



Our Chihuahuas, Quincy, 1 year and 9 months, and Nino, 11 weeks, playing tug o' war together.