Keep your dog healthy and happy with his own dog toys.

St Bernard playing with a ball

Just like children your dog needs toys to play with, they are important for your dog to keep him happy.

Dog toys are a lot of fun for both you and your dog.
There are a lot of toys to interact with your companion, most dogs enjoy games like fetch the ball, hide and seek or tug of war.

Learning Dog Tricks together is fun and it will deepen the bond with your dog. With repetition, patience & praise your dog can learn all kinds of tricks, and will be happy to show it to your friends and family!

When you don't have time to go out and play with the dog, you need to keep your dog happy and prevent boredom.
For puppies, toys are important to grow up healthy, emotionally and mentally. Puppies will chew on everything and having some toys he can chew on, will prevent inappropriate chewing like your books, shoes or even the couch!

Most dogs like ropes to play tug of war with, it helps in bonding with you, is a great exercise for the muscles and ropes will help to keep your dog's teeth clean. There are ropes in a lot of sizes for small and bigger dogs.

When you are going to buy your dog some toys always choose the right size, toys that are too small can be swallowed or get stuck in the dog's throat. A small dog probably won't play with toys too big or hard to chew on, but a toy should not be too small to fit entirely in the dog's mouth.

Plush or stuffed dog toys are only suitable for dogs playing gently with their toys. When your dog a ripper, it is better not to give soft toys with a "squeaker" inside, or only let the dog play with this kind of dog toys when you are around.

Veterinarians recommend Kong toys as a means of distracting dogs from unwanted behaviors like chewing on everything. The Kong Dog Toy is made out of non-toxic rubber, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They bounce, you can stuff them with dog treats and is chew safe. It is a great toy for the active dog, it will keep him busy for hours.

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