Make sure your dog is safe on car rides.


Dogs love to be included in family activities, including rides in the car. When you first have your pup you will need to teach him how to enjoy car rides. The pup may be a little restless or even scared, but when you take him out for a ride he will soon appreciate going with you and enjoy a car ride. Start with little trips not only to the Vet but to a park or another fun place to be! When your puppy has to learn to go out for a ride you might ask a family member or friend to sit in the back with him to see how he reacts and to cuddle and praise him.
Of course, it's nice if your dog is sitting next to you while driving, but for your own safety, the safety of others and your dog, it is better if you learn your dog to travel with you on the back seat, it is much safer for both you and your pet. The greatest risk of accidents is caused by distractions, or driver disturbances when a dog can move freely in the car. A dog properly restrained in the back seat can not endanger the driver and himself, but if you want your small dog to sit next to you in the car and not on the back seat, then make sure the dog is safely restrained and has not too much freedom of movement.
Always make sure your dog is safe in the car, you always wear your seatbelt in the car right? Of course you do! 
There are good and comfy car seats for your best friend to make sure your pet is safe while on the go.

For a big dog, a car seat is usually too small, a good and safe solution is a safety harness with metal closures. A disadvantage of a safety harness with plastic closures is that they might snap. Blessure risks are reduced by using a safety harness for your dog and they are easy to use. Make sure that the dog can not move too much on the back seat and may therefore distract the driver!