Home Decoration - Cross Stitch and Needlepoint kits with Dog Theme.

Cross-stitch is one of the easiest and most popular stitching techniques used today and it is one of the oldest forms of embroidery. Cross-stitch was used to decorate clothing, dishcloths, household linens and napkins. Today it is also popular for making decorative pillows, wall hangings, diary covers, postcards and anything you can else think of. Cross-stitch is often combined with other embroidery techniques like needlepoint and petit point. Needlepoint is a form of canvas work embroidery and often used to make pillows or wall hangings.

There are two types of cross stitches: Counted Cross Stitch requires the Stitcher to refer to a chart, which indicates where the X's should be placed on the fabric, and what color they should be. Stamped Cross Stitch has the design already printed on the fabric, indicating where the Xs should be placed, for beginners or children from age 6 and up this is easier to do.



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