Entertain, Challenge & Learn - Toys for school kids.

Children of school age will be more physically active, more independent, being a member of a club and to have friends become important for them.
The emotional development of your child shows increasing boy cannot stand lossindependence, yet he or she is still vulnerable, for example, when learning is not going well, or if being bullied. Children of this age can now cooperate better and know what is acceptable or not. Your child will get to know new people and that also requires self-confidence. Some children have self-esteem by nature, while other children are fearful. You can help build the self-confidence of your son or daughter, give support where necessary and compliments if he or she tries something difficult, even if it does not work out. You can also help to make an assignment successful by dividing the assignment into small steps and respond positively to each progression. Teach your child that you can also laugh at mistakes, even Mom and Dad make mistakes. When a child learns that his parents make mistakes too, then he will judge itself less quickly by thinking that he is the only one who makes mistakes. Gradually your child will get to know his talents, but also learns it is OK to make mistakes.

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