A soft cuddle toy will become your toddlers first friend.

girl giving toy a hugMost young children have a favorite stuffed friend, likely you had one too, maybe you still have your favorite childhood toy. Toys that are suitable for your baby or toddler's development & age will support a positive social-emotional development. Research has shown that young children who did not have appropriate toys when they were babies, were more anxious and withdrawn than their peers who did have these toys. Soft stuffed cuddly animal toys are most favorable, it will soon become your toddlers first friend. A cuddly friend can help your toddler through difficult times, such as when she is sick, or when he goes to daycare for the first time without his mommy. The toy gives your child a feeling of security. It helps to deal with emotions, when your little one cannot express himself enough. At night when waking up, his stuffed friend calms him because it is soft and has its special smell. Because your child always drags her stuffed friend around everywhere, it will probably look quite dirty and is not smelling too fresh. Try to wash it regularly. If you do not, your child will eventually attach more to the smell than the toy itself. It will not be easy then to replace or clean the toy when needed.