Learning toys for baby & infants ages 6 - 12 months old.



Your baby will start to show interest in the world around her and vision and hearing will improve. Fine motor skills will improve, your baby will be able to pick up something small through the baby boy climbing out of a cribpincer grasp and will be able to designate. Most baby's can sit without support and will start to crawl, around ten months, babies will pull up from the sitting position to standing up on their own, but sitting down again is still difficult. Some children can walk when holding a hand when they are 11 to 12 months old, or may even be walking independently, but every child is different and will develop at his/her own pace.

Some activities: Mark-making using a chunky crayon or some finger paints is ideal for this age group, play peekaboo, read board books, build tower stacks, you build and your little one may knock them down, sing and dance together will be fun.