Colorful learning toys for toddlers ages 12 - 18 months old.

baby boy trying to walk mwToddlers from 12 to 18 months will start walking and get the desire to explore. Through constant activity their muscles become stronger and fine motor coordination improves, baby can now pick up small objects and put them in or out of his toy box. Your little one may even start to talk and will say a few words, you can help your child to learn more words by pointing to objects or people and tell who or what they are.

Storybooks are great for daily reading and special time to bond with your child, ask your little one questions about what is seen in the book, like "where is the dog?",  "What is puppy doing? ,"
"Is the dog happy or sad?"
  While reading on a daily base your child will easily learn new words,  learns about emotions, friendships, learn communication skills, and it stimulates his imagination.