What to do to get rid of fleas in your home.

vector image of a fleaIf you notice your dog has fleas at an early stage, treating your pet alone may be sufficient. However, it only takes a day for a female flea to mate and lay 40 to 50 eggs. These eggs will fall off your pet and soon spread in your home and yard. On average, 5% of the fleas are actually on your pet and the remaining 95% are in the area, rugs, carpeting, furniture cushions and bedding are hot spots for fleas.

This is why it is important to treat your home at least once thoroughly. Did you know a female flea can lay 2000 eggs during her life?


What you can do to prevent or fight Fleas at home:

Check your dog(s) skin and coat regularly for fleas. Comb your dog with a flea comb and kill found fleas in a bowl of hot water with detergent. Combing your dog outside prevents eggs from entering the house. Vacuuming will help to prevent fleas. When there already is a flea problem at home, do this every day. Think of hard-to-reach areas, such as under closets and tables, under the bed, the pillows on couch & chairs. Fleas are fond of a moist environment, so mopping the floor is not such a good idea if you have a flea infestation in your home, moisture between the baseboard is a perfect environment for eggs & fleas. Regularly wash your dog's bedding, blanket and washable toys if possible at 140 °F, this temperature will kill all flea stages. For lower temperature washes you can add cleaning vinegar, fleas hate it.  Put the laundry in the dryer or outside in the sun if that is not possible. If your dog travels with you in your car, don't forget to clean the car on the inside too. 

Here is a tip you can do if you want to know if you have fleas in your home:

In each room place a deep dish plate with water and a little detergent in it. In the middle you place a Tealight candle. Close the door, the windows and leave the candle on the floor in the room. Fleas are attracted to the colorful reflection of the candle in the water, jump in the water with the detergent and die.

Eliminate Fleas in the yard.

When you got rid of the fleas on your dog and in your home, it is time to check the yard, if you are lucky to have one. Keep your pet indoors when you do this, you do not want to get him attacked by fleas again! Ticks hide in the grass too, and can also easily attach to you or your pet. Start with cleaning up the areas where your dog likes to wander, remove organic debris and keep the grass well-trimmed. Direct sunlight will make soil & grass too hot for fleas. In places where there is not much direct sunlight, you can flood the yard, trees, fences & around the doghouse with water, flea larvae and flea eggs cannot survive a flooded lawn. Fleas like places near composting areas or places where you pile up leaves and cutted grass, if you rake these areas, it will disturb the natural habitat of the fleas. It makes it easier for you to use treatment products there to kill the fleas.

Foggers, sprays and carpet powders are a quick and easy indoor solution for fleas.

  • Use Powders and Sprays for furniture, floors and bedding.
  • Aerosols & Foggers can be used for hard-to-reach areas and save labor by providing broad coverage in each room in which they are used. flea 30753 640
  • Yard Control Sprays help eliminate fleas and ticks from your lawn and garden and help prevent their spread to the indoors.