Flea and Tick Prevention & Treatment Products to protect your dog.

bloodhound scratchingYear-round flea and tick protection is a good idea in most areas because fleas and ticks are no fun for your pet or your family. A sudden flea or tick infestation can occur anytime, either indoors or outdoors. They not only cause pets to itch and scratch but can carry diseases like Lyme Disease & encephalitis. Pets that are allergic to fleas can have a severe reaction to even one flea and a severe flea infestation can cause anemia in small puppies & small dogs.  Fleas can convey viruses, bacteria and some other microorganisms, such as the most common tapeworm. If your pet has fleas, it is therefore, advisable to treat him with a dewormant. Treat your dog regularly with a good tick control product. Even if you do, you can still encounter a single tick, you can protect your dog and yourself by doing a tick check after walks. 




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This book is the best go to guide for flea removal, fleas are horrible bugs for your dog or cat to have, however with this guide you will eliminate fleas from your house, get rid of fleas from your cats and dogs and even learn information about the flea and its life cycle. You even learn how to treat flea bites !