Raising a little puppy to become a well-behaved dog is your responsibility.

dog rover wagging his tailYou have to realize a puppy needs a lot of attention, but having a new pup can be a lot of fun. I am sure you have enough cuddles to give him and playtime is not a difficult task to do, after all, who can resist those hopeful eyes asking to come and play? But your puppy needs a lot more to grow up healthy. Proper dog food 3 or 4 times a day for the first 5-6 months and access to fresh water, grooming and every breed has his own training needs. Some pups are easy to train but there are dog breeds that need a lot more attention to grow up to become a well-behaved dog you can trust. Potty training your pup takes time, your little pup needs to go out every two hours and even then accidents will happen. Another important task for you to do is to socialize the pup to avoid behavioral problems. Learn your puppy to be obedient, if he does not learn to listen to you he will get in trouble when getting older.

There are good books that can help you with raising your pup and when it is your first puppy you might want to learn more about health care too when you need to go to the Vet, which immunizations does your little dog need. How about deworming and unexpected illnesses.

If you have children there are puppy books specially written for children on how they can take care of their little puppy friend, do and don't advise and more. Read a book together with your child, give them some responsibility in raising the dog and they will become best friends!