Is Your Dog Potty Trained Enough?

Potty training a dog is such an essential issue for its owner that even a single exclusive tip turns out to be extremely helpful. The first step in making your dog fit for polite company would be toour Chihuahua potty training potty train him. Some see this training as a hassle and some as a challenge. For me, it is part of bringing up a pet.

My favorite dog breed is the Chihuahua, I got my first little doggie more than 30 years ago, at that time they were not well known yet. Now we share our home with three Chihuahuas all long-coat dogs. Many people think it is very difficult to potty train a Chihuahua, but it does not have to be a difficult task at all. We never had a problem with house training. Just be patient with your pup and be consistent in training, Chihuahuas are very good at manipulating their people and get things their way, so just don't give up. Want to learn more about how we trained our dogs, go over to my blog and read all about it: Teach your Chihuahua pup to eliminate on command


Best Rated Puppy Housetraining Books.

 Book Cover Housetraining Puppies and Adult Dogs

Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies and Adult Dogs: Housebreaking, Crate Training, Sample Schedules, and Troubleshooting for Your New Dog or Puppy. 

Whether you have a puppy who is first learning, an adult dog with ongoing confusion, or simply want to teach your dog to use a designated bathroom area, this book answers literally every housebreaking question!

From the very basics to more detailed problem solving, every dog person can benefit from this book... from the first time puppy owner to rescue volunteers and even pet professionals.

Of course, all puppies require house training. But there are also many adult dogs with housebreaking issues too. This book thoroughly addresses every aspect of house training for both puppies and adult dogs, so you can prevent or alleviate problems.

This book is also available in Paperback.

 Potty Training A Puppy Bookcover


Potty train your puppy, this is a step by step guide on what you need to know for puppy toilet training. In this book you will learn specific tips on how you can potty train your puppy, even the most difficult puppies can be potty trained with some patients and these techniques. Has your puppy had an accident in the house? did he or she mess on the rug or carpet? Are you tired of cleaning up after him when he has pee'd on the carpet? Sounds like you need some Puppy House Training!

With this book you will learn puppy house training, how to toilet train a puppy, how to potty train your older dog if they are still not housebroken. You will no longer have to worry about leaving your dog home alone because after this book he will know when and where to go!


 Puppy Potty Training


There is a right way and a wrong way to potty training your puppy. Don't do it the wrong way - Do it the right way. I have problems with other books. There are titles like "Potty train your puppy in 7 Days". Okay, in 7 days your puppy may get the idea but you are still going to have accidents.

If this is done correctly, you will have a puppy that trusts you and all the other training you need to do will be very easy. This is because your puppy will trust you, know you will treat them properly, and never be impatient. Potty training is actually the first of many training experiences you will have with your puppy. Getting this first one right will set you and your puppy up for future success.

 No More Uh-Oh Puppy Potty Training Bookcover


There are many different types of puppies and some puppies learn quicker than others. When it comes to potty training puppies this is no different. For this reason, we have developed 5 simple and easy steps to help you get on the way to house training your puppy. House training a puppy does not have to be difficult!

 Puppy Potty Training Expert's Guide Bookcover


Have you done *everything* and your puppy still isn’t potty trained? Are you frustrated that your puppy still has accidents? Is your puppy toileting in his crate? Are you about to get a puppy and want to know the right way to potty train beforehand?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Puppy Potty Training – The Expert’s Guide to Easy Housetraining FAST gives you answers to those questions and many more!

This easy-to-read humorous book guides you every step of the way and shows you an easy, fail-safe method for potty training your puppy. Caryl Wolff is well qualified to help you because she has been a trainer/ behavior consultant for over 20 years, has successfully trained thousands of puppies and dogs, and is the only trainer concurrently certified by five dog trainer organizations.

This book is also available in Paperback.