Things to think about before you decide to have a dog.

When you consider to have a dog, it is important not to make an impulsive decision. Take some time to think it over. Is your lifestyle right for having a dog? Dogs live about 8 to 15 years, theydog reading need love, care and time. Are you living alone or do you have children? Are you at work all day long, and if so do you know someone to take care of your furry friend when you are not at home? And how about holidays? Whether you like it or not a dog need to go out for a walk, even on rainy or cold days. Sure, you can do indoor potty training, but dogs do need fresh air too.

Before you make a decision to have a dog ask yourself some questions first:

Why do you want to have a dog?

  • Do you want your children to learn how to take care of an animal?
  • You had a dog as a child and think it will be great for your children too.
  • Or maybe you saw such a cute little puppy at the pet shop and fell in love immediately?
  • In the paper you have read the local dog shelter is looking for a home for the dogs brought in.
  • You children would like to have a dog and keep on asking?
  • Maybe you think of having a watchdog.
  • Or you live alone and would love some company.
  • You like to make long walks.

I think there are a lot of other reasons to make the decision to have a dog. Now think about this, which of those reasons are not the right reason to decide for Yes, a dog would be nice to have in the family...

When you want a dog for your children, you should think about who is going to take care of the new family member. Who is going for a walk when the children are at school or late at night? Are you willing to take care of the dog when your children step out?

An impulsive buy because the dog or puppy looked so cute or sad is not a very good start. A watchdog can be a good reason, but think carefully about which breed is best. Is your dog going to stay outside most of the time or do you want the dog to give you some company too. When you are alone and have enough time to take care and play with a dog, the decision to have a dog can be a great choice.

Author: Isabella Vreeken ©

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